Our state of the art rehab centers are equipped to help with your injury related pains.

Injury Help

SMART Medical doctors can recognize andt reat soft tissue injuries resulting from auto accidents which in most cases are not detected on a x-ray or CT Scan at the hospital. Such injuries are overlooked or even ignored by other health care providers or even your self. If you’ve been seen at the Emergency Room or by your Family Doctor after being involved in an automobile accident, chances are you were sent home with a prescription for a muscle relaxant and a pain killer. Pain killers and muscle relaxants are good for the moment relief of pain, however, days, weeks or months later you may begin to or continue to have increased stiffness, neck pain, back pain, shoulder/arm pain, knee pains and even headaches.

Whiplash Injury Weakens the Neck

Difficult to describe the violence of a rear end collision, even one considered to be minor. Using live occupants in rear end crash tests, researchers have found head accelerations can easily reach 9 Gs of force, or nine times the force of gravity. What this means is that the human head—which weighs about 10 pounds, on average—suddenly weighs 90 pounds. The fact is that the human spine is not built to handle such strains, especially when they are focused on such a small area.

Headache Relief

Whether you’re suffering from almost constant incapacitating migraine headache, tension headache, post traumatic headache due to an automobile accident, or the ones that are constantly coming and going, it may be time to give chiropractic treatment along with the use of physical medicine modalities and specific exercise rehabilitation a chance to put you on the path of total accident injury recovery.

The Myth of Minor Vehicle Damage

Insurance adjusters claim that if there was minor vehicle damage during a car collision crash, that bodily auto accident injury is impossible. The truth is that there is no relationship between motor vehicle damage and your bodily auto accident injury.

Ligament Injury from Frontal Collisions

Even low speed collisions can result in dramatic forces on the human neck. Studies and researchers found that the ligaments of the spine can be stretched or torn during whiplash injuries. Ligament injury can result in long-term pain and disability, if not treated properly.

Low Back Pain After Whiplash

Low back pain is fairly common after a rear-end collision, studies said that seat back can cause damage to the lower spine.

Transverse Ligament Injury After Whiplash

The transverse ligament can be a hidden source of whiplash pain in some patients.

Shoulder Injury After Whiplash

Shoulder pain is another common symptom after a car crash.

Anterior Longitudinal Ligament Injury After Whiplash

In some patients with chronic pain, it can be difficult to diagnose the root case of the problem. Ligament tearing can result in spinal instability and pain.

Spine Injury Due to Head-Turned Rear Impact

It has been known for years that having your head turned at the time of impact puts you at risk of greater injury during a rear-end collision.

Ligament Injury After Whiplash Trauma

Frontal collisions can also cause ligament injury and that the position of the occupant’s head at the time of crash plays an important role in the type of injury suffered.