We offer both chiropractic and neurology treatments for you.



Unless contra-indicated, expect to be adjusted each visit.


Flexion-Distraction is a technique that has become the most widely used approach for treating disc injuries involving back pain and the leg pain that often accompanies it. This technique is painless and utilizes a special chiropractic table.

Intersegmental Traction Therapy

Intersegmental traction is a therapeutic procedure for relieving general low back and neck pain by gently mobilizing each vertebra . If you are experiencing pain in your back, intersegmental traction is a viable solution.


Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is a massage therapy focusing on an area of uncontrolled muscle tightness that causes tenderness, which interferes with normal muscle function. This uncontrolled tightness can restrict normal range of motion, weaken the muscle, and may refer pain to other areas of the body.


Corrective Exercises

Corrective exercises are the principal mode of rehabilitating from injuries. Just because most of the pain has subsided doesn’t mean you are as good as new; and in many cases, after the pain resolves is when the corrective exercises and rehabilitation begins. Our doctors know exactly what your body needs to help itself and will guide you throughout your treatment with progressive corrective exercises.

Lifestyle Counseling

What you do every day effects your body. As humans, we all have the ability to adapt and to learn. When you are in pain, there are certain activities to void doing and certain activities that are therapeutic. Our team of doctors will counsel you on your daily lifestyle; help you form good habits, break bad habits, and gain confidence that you body is healing itself and you can return to normal activities of daily living.

Physical Therapy

Did you know chiropractors can practice physical therapy? Maryland is one of the few states that licenses chiropractors with Physical Therapy Privileges



Medication can alleviate the severe symptoms associated with acute injuries, chronic pain, muscles spasms, or inflammation. At SMART Medical, our neurologist will prescribe medication conservatively on an as-needed basis.

Orthopedic Supports

Crutches, bandages, back braces, splints, heel lifts, slings, etc…


Physical Therapy

Referrals for physical therapy and chiropractic care on an as-needed basis.

Expert Recommendation

  • Advanced Imaging
  • Pain Management
  • Surgical Consultation
  • Work Hardening Program