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Back Pain

  Back Pain Management

Nearly two-thirds of Americans have lower back pain and thirty-seven percent of them live with it.  Most will band aid the problem with some form of medication.

The majority of these people who experience this pain do not even realize that they can prevent and treat the condition with chiropractics and physical therapy.   These people who suffer, have a lower quality of life.

Spinal Issues

The spinal column is made up of twenty-four bones called the vertebrae.  The vertebrae consists of ligaments and muscles which connect the vertebrates together.  Ligaments and muscles are comparable to shock absorbers.  Shock absorbers can take only so much of a beating and over time can wear out.  After the age of twenty, the spine is less than perfect and subluxation, or dislocation of the spine can start to occur.

Numerous events and factors can alter a healthy spine, causing misalignment, which in turn causes nerve pain and inflammation.  This is where Chiropractics can help.  A doctor of Chiropractor, who specializes in the muscular skeletal body, can place the shock absorbers back into place.

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