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Head and neck injuries

Smart Medical and Rehab Therapy is ahead of the game, when it comes to head and neck injuries.  Smart Medical and Rehab Therapy is one of the very few offices in the entire Washington Metropolitan area that does FDA approved functional diagnostic testing along with being affiliated with some of the world’s top neurologists, scientist and researchers.

Over the past ten years, neurologist, scientists and researches have made leaps and bounds for new discoveries of how the brain actually works.  Until then, no one had been able to tap in.  Research continues like never before and because of Smart Medical and Rehab Therapy participation and affiliation, they are able to bring the DC area, the best possible care and treatment plans.  Smart is able to track progression of treatment options and is able to see how drug therapies work for that person.

The Smart Medical and Rehab Therapy neurologist specializes  not only in head (TBI’s) and neck trauma but also migraines, vertigo, PTSD, autism, alzheimers and dimention.

For all questions, comments or if you would like to set up an appointment, please call our 24 hour hotline at (301) 585-2225.

Expert Recommendation

  •  Advanced Imaging
  •  Advanced EEG/ERP testing
  •  Pain Management
  •  Migraine Therapy
  •  Vestibular Therapy
  •  Concussion Therapy
  •  More
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